Mr. Hitt,
Just wanted to let you know that Ginger is adapting to life with us very nicely.  She is one smart puppy. She now weighs in at 5.6 pounds at her second visit to the vet.  He had very favorable comments about the care that she was given prior to her joining our family.  Potty training is going very well and she is even starting to let us know by her actions and barks when she needs to take care of business.  Thank you so very much for selling Ginger to us.
John and Doris
Alexander County, NC
Dear Mr. Hitt

I wanted to let you know that Rosey is doing very well. She and Daisy are bonded. They do everything together.
We took her to the vet and she is a healthy and happy puppy.
Everyone just loves the two of them together.
We took them to Petco on Saturday and it took us an extra hour to get through the store because everyone wanted to see both girls.
You truly breed very sociable puppies. Everyone wants to know where they came from so I give them your name.

Again, thank you so very much for Daisy and Rosey.

Mitzi P. 

We purchased a dachshund pup from you 15 years ago (she was born October 3rd) and named her Delilah. She's doing well and still sweet as can be in her graying stage. I've attached two photos of her. She's living the life! Wanted to reach out and let you know that we are grateful for the great work you do at Four J's! This sweet dog has, and continues to, enrich our lives with great love and joy.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Monica, Josh, and Delilah Foster

Dear Jackie,
I hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday season.  Look how much Ziggy has grown! He is very successful!!! I wish you the best for the new year upon us.  May 2023 bring you much good health, peace, kindness & joy.

December, 2022
Hi, Jackie,
I hope you are doing well! I wanted to share some pictures of Petunia. She is very healthy and happy. We lover her so much.

January, 2023
This is my Charlie I bought from you. He is 10 months old and beautiful and so smart and loving! I love him so much!
Thank you for a wonderful dog!
Lynn B.

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Ava is still as sassy as always - I can not believe she is 10 months old Mindy who we got from you over 10 years ago had her yearly vet check up and she is in amazing health for her age per the vet ❤️ You are an amazing breeder and you truly do breed for good health with these pups. Jessica 1/13/24