Hello, I would just like to write about my puppy, Squirt. She is the best dog in the world. Everyday when I come home she brightens my day.  She is such  gorgeous puppy and I am so glad we bought her from Four J's

There was a black & tan girl that you said was too small to breed and you sold her to us in September. I think it was.  I just wanted to let you know that Angel is doing very well and we are ecstatic with her!  She was housetrained in 2 days and she behaves wonderfully. I've never seen a dog that listens so well.  She is the perfect addition to the family. If we ever decide to get another dachshund, it's coming from Four J's!
Jeremiah and I wanted to write you to thank you for our little puppy (Zoe).  I attached a picture to show you how much she has grown! We've enjoyed every moment with her.  She is so spunky and so much fun. She has such a strong personality.  She loves to play with everyone, which is great because we have a neighborhood full of kids and she would play all day long with them. We've only had her three weeks and yet she has really become a member of the family.  We're really looking forward to taking her home to Colorado for Christmas.  I'm sure she'll get along with my mom's dogs.  I'll be sure to send pictures of all of them.  Thanks so much again!
Lauren, Jeremiah and Zoe
Just wanted to let you know that Frankie is doing very well.  She is a wonderful dog and so loving.  She is growing well and looks beautiful. Thanks for all of our advice and the time you spent talking to us. We have already recommended Four J's to several other people. Getting Frankie has been a great experience.
Tracy, Greg & Jacob
Mr & Mrs Hitt, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful dog that you produced. He is definitely our pride and joy and the baby/man of our house.  He has brought so much joy and love to our house, we cannot imagine our lives without him.  He is very spoiled and just perfect and beautiful.  He is what I believe a miniature dachshund, smooth coat should be in looks and personality and the one we got for our mother-in-law (long haired black & tan female) is even more beautiful now than ever.  Keep up the good work.
Thanks again,
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Harley is a delight and a wonderful companion. He is now 11 months old. I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful and happy dog. Keep up the great breeding!

Thank you Four J's for letting me purchase my beautiful little boy. He is doing very well and is very happy living with us. He likes to play play play and bite bite bite!!! Already he has a good personality, and he tries to tell us what's on his mind. We are very happy that Sidney Moon came to live with us. He is a special addition to our lives. Thank you!

Just wanted to update you on River. She is doing great and we can't believe how good she and Annie are getting along. Boy are they tired at the end of the day. Reid took her back to the vet on Friday for her 12 week shots, and she is up to 3 lbs 11 oz, gaining a pound in 3 weeks. Her ears are getting longer and so is she. She is so sweet and a beautiful puppy. We have recommended Four J's Kennels to others. Thank you!
Betty, Reid, & James
Just wanted to let you know that we took Maizy to the vet per your schedule and she is healthy. Although the house training is a little trying, she is really a treat. She has a wonderful personality and we are looking forward to many years of enjoyment from our new companion. Thank you for your patience in our choosing a puppy. If we have the opportunity to recommend your kennel to others, we will not hesitate. Thanks again for all of your help.
Mary & Buzz
Just wanted to update you on the boys. They have been the joy of our life for the last few months. Dieter (red) & Dominik (black & tan) are exceptional. You know how every once in a while you come across a super intelligent dog that seems to know everything you say? I thought that could only happen once in a lifetime, but both of these guys are like that. You can just see the gears moving in their brains through those bright little eyes. They are both very loving and playful and have invented several games. They absolutely love their toys. They really seem to steal the hearts of everyone they meet. The vet wrote "Dieter and Dominik are the best" on their healthcare record. They checked out fine. The mailman has to pet them if he comes by when they are in the yard. All my family and friends offer to puppy sit whenever possible.
I just wanted to make contact with you and let you know what a joy Tucker has turned out to be. He is being trained as a therapy dog for the elderly. His sweet personality and gentle nature make him a natural at making people smile. He has brought much joy to our lives and proven himself as a valuable family member. Thank you so much for being a caring breeder. 
We are so very happy with the doxies we "adopted" from you. Such sweethearts, both of them, gentle and loving. They play together so well too. I want to thank you yet again for another wonderful addition to our family

Marcia & Frank
Just wanted to update you and to say thank you for our "little man." Oscar is doing great!!! A friend of ours gave us a red female about a year old, and Oscar loves her. They will not sleep, eat, or play without the other. We took Oscar to the vet last week and he weighs 6 lbs now. He is very obedient and has been pad trained for indoors. Our son Aaron thinks Oscar is the greatest dog alive. To be honest with you, we all do!!! Thanks again for allowing him to become a part of our family.

I am a very satisfied customer! 
Thanks for Ruby.

Just wanted to send you a few lines and let you know that "Abby" is adjusting well and has stolen my husband's heart. The kids love her and she has to hide from them to get any rest at times.  Thank you for the service you provide. We are truly happy about our decision to bring her home with us.  She is truly a joy and a blessing. Thanks once again and I wish you much success in the future.

I wanted to send you a picture of our sweet JJ and Cocoa. We got them about two years ago. They are so sweet. The boys love them dearly. They make our family complete.
Mr. Hitt, How can I thank you enough for Abby?
She has just become our little baby and is a 
wonderful pet. She is almost paper trained--she only has accidents when we are home. She does, however, use it during the day while we are at work and never misses--and we only have one paper pad down. So she is doing a great job in that department. We just love her so much and she is spoiled rotten. We already know who is boss in our house---ABBY!  She gives us such joy and is a wonderful companion to both Karl and I. Thank you so much.

Nita and Karl
Hi Jackie!

I wanted to give you an update on Kaiser.  Kaiser is a black and tan smoothcoat who was born on 9.12.  We picked him up on 11.16-07.  He has such  personality and is absolutely a hit with the ladies at the doggie park.  He and my rescue dachshund, Arabelle, are doing quite well. Both have been going through some serious training, and Kaiser's house training is still a challenge sometimes but he is a smart dog and will pick it up eventually.  In the mean time, all of our rugs will remain rolled up in our loft. 

Hi Jackie,

I just wanted to give you an update on our little boy!  He is a pistol! Cute as heck though.  We just love him!   He is doing wonderful..just thought  I would let you know.  He hasn't grown much but does appear to be changing.  We are looking forward to him being a great stud dog. Thanks again for everything.

Teenie Weenie Weinery

Hello Jackie

I just wanted to let you know that I took Molly to the vet today and she is in perfect health.
She weighs 2.3 lbs. The vet had very high praise for you. After checking her and looking at her records he said "I have alot of respect for Mr Hitt. I can tell he takes very good care of his dogs" .She was a big hit at the vet's office, too.  I think she is already spoiled.

Just wanted to give you an update on Roxanne. She's just over a year old now and really gregarious considering she was so shy you had to dump her out of her doghouse when we first came to see her. I really wanted a standard red male, but when I first held this miniature black & tan piebald, I knew she was my dog. She is great with kids and loves to go walking on Main Street where she gets all sorts of attention since so many people have never seen a piebald dachshund. She also loves other dogs, the bigger the better and even gets along well with cats. Roxanne is so gentle she goes to the assisted living facility to visit my Mom but she gets little time with her because the other residents and the staff want to see her. She's really a good dog.

Simpsonville, SC
Hello Jackie and Jill,
Winston is doing great! He is so sweet and has such a good personality! He loves to stretch out on his back and will even let me hold him like a baby! He sleeps all night and does well going out in the morning. Still working on the rest of the potty training, but I think he's starting to catch on! He is very curious as he is now exploring the rest of the house. He has learned to navigate the stairs! Karli, of course, loves to tote him around and wants to buy him some puppy clothes! Thanks for letting us purchase such a beautiful and special little dog!

Shane, Kim and Karli
Hi, Jackie,

Our "Meg" turned 2 years old and is doing great. We believe she is the greatest dog in the world! We recommend Four J's Kennels all the time to the people who love to have Dachshunds.  Thank you so much to let us take Meg!

Kip and Yukie
This is Tripp, our mini-dach we got from ya'll around this time last year. He is now one year and one month old. We love him so much! He is wide open all the time and keeps us on our toes. Here is a pic to see how he's grown and how adorable he is.

Thanks so much!
Anna & Scott
Hi, Jackie,
Everyone in our family loves Kricket, even Jenkins. She is great to have around and has brought a little of the "puppy" back to Jenkins. Although, sneaking her puppy food has added a few pounds to his waist. We love having her in our home and I love having another female in the house. Although, if you ask my five year old he will tell you that Kricket is his dog. She has definitely established her own place and doesn't let anyone push her around. She was a breeze to housetrain with only a few accidents here and there. The best word to describe her is "SASSY" and I love it.  Jenkins is from your bloodline also. We bought him from someone who had gotten both of her dogs from you.  Thank you so much for giving us two great dogs.

Dear Hitt Family,

We just wanted to tell you Giselle is doing well. She has grown! The kids adore her and she is so fun. She is almost sleeping through the night-she gets up at 5:00 to go outside. She munches her puppy ProPac food right down-she loves it! Her fur is so soft, too and of course she is teething so she has lots of toys. Thanks so much for her again. The crate training is great when she sleeps and when we have to go out to the store or do errands.  Thanks.

Donna, Keith, Amanda & Ian & Giselle
Just wanted to thank you for our 2 wonderful girls! We had Zoey (our black & white girl) a little over 5 months when we decided we needed two. I flew from Wisconsin in January to pick up Annie. When I brought her into the house, it was love at first sight for Zoey. She took on the Mother role. They provide hours of entertainment, along with lots of kisses. They both have great personalities but are very different. Zoey is our social girl and Annie is our timid girl. Everybody that we encounter loves our girls. We recommend your kennel to all!

Richard and Diane
Mr Hitt, This is our beautiful boy Harley, Jasper and Sable's son. We adopted him from you in October, and he gets more beautiful every day! He is intelligent, funny and charming and makes everyone in our family smile and laugh every day! He doesn't realize he is a dachshund yet since he barks at his reflection in the mirror, but he'll figure it out! We love him so much, that we are ready for another (a little girl this time). Thank you so much for doing such a great job at Four J's Kennels!

Jennifer and Family
Here is our sweet baby girl we got in September. She has definately completed our family. We have been so blessed to have found you and Jill. Thank you for raising such wonderful, loving doxies.

Mr  & Mrs Hitt, We just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how our Grindel girl is doing. She turned 5 months old February 9th and is just great! We think she is truly beautiful and very unique. Everyone comments on her coloring. 

Mark & Sarah
Hello, I wanted to let you know how happy we are with our boys, Pingu and Mushu. They will be two in October of 2009 and I just can't believe how precious they are. When we got them home and took them to the vet, he said that he was surprised how healthy they were and they must have come from a great place.  I had to agree.  Thank you so much, Tina and Tony  
Button is a very healthy, playful, energetic doxie! She's so precious and full of love. Everyone is impressed by Button's piebald coloring!  She has made a wonderful addition to our family!
Mr & Mrs Hitt, We wanted to send you a picture of Bentley but we also wanted other people to see what "Beautiful" Dachshunds you have.  We have had two other dachshunds, but Bentley has certainly won both of our hearts. We love him so much and he has brought so much happiness to our home.  Bentley was born Dec 4, 2009 and he took his first "beach" trip two weeks ago. Everyone at Kiawah Island knows Bentley.  He barks at everyone, but it's always "Love at First Sight" when everyone really meets him and he warms up to them.  His "kisses" are always what wins everyone over.  Our grandchildren adore Bentley and he is wonderful with children.  Thank you for being the special people you are by having a home where dachshunds are born and raised out of love.
Robert and Judy
Hello 4Js!!!
This is Yukie .
Me and my husband got Chocolate & Tan Meg and 
your 1st Isabella & Tan boy we named him Toro from you.
Toro is getting much bigger then Meg and full of energy!!! 
He definitely get attention from people because of his color. 
They always ask us if he is new kind of Weimaraners??? 
I understand that his beautiful unusual coat and eye. 
He looks exactly like short leg long tail Weimaraner!!!
I thought I have to share the pictures with you and people who visit your page how beautiful they are. (May be especially people who don’t know how Isabella color looks like!)
I hope I can visit you sometime soon to show you how big is that tiny boy grow up! 
And how much my Meg and Toro got along each other! ;)

Thankyou again for us to have both of them. They are our treasure!!!


I just wanted to give you an update on Tess.  We have had her about 2 ½ weeks now, and she’s really beginning to show her little personality.  She’s still shy and takes a while to warm up to strangers, but she’s making a lot of progress.  She didn’t know her name at first, but now responds to it.  She’s slowly learning to use the bathroom outside.  We’re crating her when we’re at work.  She gets along well with our 15 year old dachshund and our crazy cat.  She has “adopted” a little stuffed elephant that she plays with and sleeps with.  She loves to burrow in her blanket at night until it’s just the way she wants it, and she loves to be in my lap when I’m sitting down.  She has taken up with me, much to the dismay of our daughter.  She follows me all over the house.  She also likes sleeping under the Christmas tree.

Just thought you might like to hear how she’s doing.  We are so glad we found her.  

Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


(Tess is a retiree of Four J's Dachshunds)
Dear four J's,
   We wanted to let you know, how much we have enjoyed our dachshund "sweetie"! Tomorrow is her 1st birthday!! Sweetie is so loving and such a lap dog! She sleeps under the covers,and keeps our feet so warm! Sweetie loves to play with both children, she especially gets excited when the children get up and dance! She wants to always be close to someone! She is a big part of our family, she is a gentle and cuddle type dog! We very much love her, and wanted to thank-you for her! Love, McGaha family

Merry Christmas Jackie Hitt and Mrs Hitt,
This is Cody's second Christmas (Dec 2011) with me and he has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.  He has a great personality just like his dad, Jasper and his mom Goldie.  He makes me laugh all the time and he is very affectionate.  He just turned 2 on December 4, 2011 and he has already learned how to swim without his vest.  Thank you so much for Cody.  He is my world and he came into my life during a tough stretch of my life when my mom passed away.  

Ft Mill, SC
Jackie and Jill,
I just want to let you know the puppies are doing well at eight months.  The little boy, Tucker, weighs over a pound more than Madison.  He is 2-3 inches longer than she.  Last time at the vet he was over 10lbs and she was just 9lbs.  Madison is a spitfire trying to rule the roost while Tucker is more laid-back only asserting himself once in a while. Our old girl, Jubilee, is still plodding along. She has adjusted well to the puppies even with her blindness and gives correction to the pups on occasion.

UPDATE 1-8-12

Hi, Jackie,
I wanted to give you a quick update on Kaiser who will be 5 in september.  He is doing well as is his sister arabelle.  We have added 2 rescued pups to the family.  Everyone gets along wonderfully. Wishing you the best in 2012.

This is Lacey.  Me and my boyfriend bought her from you guys not long ago.  She is a great dog.  Very playful and fiesty.  Thank you guys for the sweetest puppy ever!

Hi, Jackie,

I thought I would send you a note and a picture of Molly.  She will be 4 years old in April and I do believe she is the most spoiled dog ever!  She weighs 8 1/2 pounds and most people think she is still a puppy because of her small size.  She is a beautiful dog and we love her very much.  She brings such joy to our family.  Take care.

This is Henry 4.  He is such a happy, healthy baby.  We have had so much fun with him.

Carol Ann and David
Good Morning, Jackie,

Doc was the only one left in Pop Tart and Ringo's litter 2 years ago because no one wanted him because he's a male, but look at him now.  He is so rotten, he stinks.  Doc has brought a lot of happiness to our family.  Thank you so much for my child.

Hey, Jackie
I just wanted to send you a picture of Remi.  We got him from you about three weeks ago.  He is doing very well and is loving every minute.  Thanks again for everything.  Kassidy & Travis

This is a recent picture of our beautiful girl, Chessie! She is a mess.  Thanks for breeding such awesome dachshunds.  Porter and Linda

I just wanted you to see how this little girl is growing.  She is such a good girl!
Today she learned to climb the stairs in our house! She has been a wonderful addition to our family.
Merry Christmas from Max and Family!

Jackie & Jill,

Just thought you'd appreciate this photo of Toby at the baseball field.  All four of our babies are doing well and we continue to spoil them everyday

(Owner of 4 Dachshunds from Four J's)

​Dear Hitt Family,

We bought a puppy from you just about a month ago! He is just absolutely precious! Vivacious, feisty, sweet and cuddly are just a few words to describe him! He is doing wonderful with our older doxie, and we couldn't be happier!  We named him Jet and it fits his personality to a "T". He loves to be outside and play but he enjoys nap time as well.  Thanks for our sweet new addition.  We are so pleased with him and want to thank you for providing us with such a sweetheart!

Rachel & Josh
Here is a picture of Mindy.  She is such an amazing pup.  We could not imagine our life without her.

Jessica B
As the 2nd Anniversary approaches (12-1-11), we are so very happy and want to thank you again for allowing us to adopt Tinker (Tycoon).  As I have told you before, he is a true treasure-one that not only my husband and I love, but my three grandchildren as well.

Sandra B

Here is a picture of our dogs. The first three are the ones we got from you. Monte, Diesel, Miles and Harley.

Merry Christmas, Donna J.
UPDATE: 1-29-14
Sweetie turned 3 years old this past December.  She is the joy of our lives.  She is an inside dog. She was pulled away from her "by the fire" inside the house to play in the snow.  She tries to be "Mama of the Family".  We love her SO much. We wanted to give you an update and share a picture.  Thank you again for giving us the perfect family dog.

The McGaha Family
Last March my mother and I took home a black & tan male and his female littermate, chocolate & tan. they just turned a year old a few days ago.  They are the best! Max and Ruby are full of energy and have a sweet, kind temperament.  They get to spend a lot of time together and also play so well with my 3 year old son.  These two dogs are the most affectionate and loyal dogs I have ever encountered.  Thank you for the wonderful additions to our family!
Barbara and Amanda
Wilmington, NC
Just thought I would send you a couple of pictures of Bitsie on her first birthday, January 3, 2015. She has the biggest heart and personality.  She is fully potty trained and is the boss of the house!!!  She is a lover and will give you kisses all day long.  If you are sitting down she is in your lap.  Bitsie also likes to suntan.

Thank you,

Hello Jackie & Family,
I just wanted to send you an update on my puppy, Dolly (bough January 30, 2015).  She is doing so well! She is full of sass, energy and love.  I am so blessed that I have this little girl in my life.  She is always making me laugh and giving everybody that comes around love. (she must get that from her daddy).  Thank y'all so much!  She is ABSOLUTELY perfect and I couldn't be happier.